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The short answer is yes, you do need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to sell your property, in fact you can find yourself facing a fine if you don't have a certificate when you need one. EPC's are required whenever a house is built, sold, or rented. But here's some more information about what they are and what they contain.

What does an EPC tell you?

Energy Performance Certificates contain two things
  • Information about a property's energy use and the typical costs involved
  • and recommendations about how to save energy, and save money in the process
The property is rated A-G, A being the most efficient, and G being the least efficient. The D rating is average for properties in the UK, below that and it means an increase in the carbon footprint of the property, and therefore likely increased energy costs for the owner! 

How long is an Energy Performance Certificate valid for? 

EPCs are valid for ten years, and if you're looking to sell your home and you don't yet have an EPC, the good news is that it can be put on the market as soon as the EPC is commissioned. If you're looking to buy or rent, the seller, landlord, or letting agent must show you the EPC as part of the buying or renting process.

Does every building require one?

There are some exceptions to the rule, including places of worship, some buildings due to be demolished, and residential buildings which are only intended to be used for less than 4 months a year. The Government have a full list on their website. 

Examples of EPCs

You're actually able to look up the EPCs of other properties at no cost to you. Not only can you see what one looks like, you can compare the energy performance of your home with similar properties. You can search by the property's address here. 

If you would like to know more about the selling/ buying process and what is involved, please contact us or give us a call on 01483 284 141 and we'll be happy to have a chat about our approach to the process and what's involved, including obtaining an EPC if you don't already have one for your home.