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If you've not heard of parkrun, it's an absolutely fantastic way of getting outdoors and getting active! Parkrun organise 5K events across the globe every Saturday at 9:00am, which are run by volunteers and which are completely free. 

The really excellent thing about them, is that they're for everyone and you don't have to run! It doesn't matter whether you can run 5K in under 20 minutes, or it takes you an hour's stroll. It's all about getting outside and getting some exercise, whatever your age, gender, or speed. 

If you're worried about coming last, you don't need to be. There are tailwalkers who bring up the rear each week who make sure no-one gets left behind, and they're always last to cross the finish line. 

All you have to do is sign up, and print out your personalised barcode and you can take part in any parkrun event all over the world! Just take your barcode with you on the day, there will be scanners when you've completed the course, and once the race is over the run directors will sort through the results and you will receive a text with your time and position. All for no cost at all! It's a great way of competing with yourself to improve your time, if that's something that motivates you. 

To sign up, go to

We're really lucky in that we're located in the middle of a few parkruns so it's easy to try a few courses and find your favourite!

For more information: 
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