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Ah, there’s nothing quite like the clocks going back to remind us all that it’s winter. In the summer time, we generally like our homes to feel light, fresh, and airy. But there’s nothing quite like getting home from work, closing the curtains to banish the cold and dark, and relaxing in a cosy environment. With that in mind, we’ve put together this little list of things you can do to help maximise your environment with winter vibes. The best thing is, the entire list applies whether you’re a homeowner, or your home is rented – enjoy!

Find your slippers

Fluffy, novelty, squishy, backless, mule, hard bottoms for practicality when you’re chasing the bin lorry down the road with your forgotten wheelie bin. Whichever type is your favourite, you would be hard-pressed to deny that there’s nothing quite like coming through the front door, kicking off your shoes, and putting your feet into heavenly clouds. Our very first tip, is before you leave in the morning, make sure your slippers are ready and available placed in an enticing pair the minute you return home. You’ll find yourself thanking you from this morning for being clever enough to think of it.


Whether you prefer to wrap yourself in the bed covers like a giant comfort burrito, or you hate being hot and throw the covers off in all seasons, changing your bed covers from summer cotton to winter brushed cotton or flannel is a real game changer. It doesn’t have to be a Christmassy design (although we won’t judge!) but the material itself lends itself to snuggling up with a really good book. You can never have too many throws strewn across the bed. The only problem with this advice, is you might find it harder to get out of bed in the mornings!

Turn off the big light

Lighting is a great way to make a room feel warmer just by adjusting it visually. Turn off the harshness of the big light and make way instead for lamps dotted around the room. The warm glow and the long shadows lend themselves to being the perfect backdrop for hot chocolate drinking and ITV 9pm drama watching. If you hate walking into a dark house at night, consider plugging lamps into timer switches and set them to come on before you cross the threshold.

Frame your photos

Does your summer holiday feel like it was a lifetime ago? If you’ve not got round to doing it yet, now is a great time to choose a few snaps to have printed and put in frames around your home. Whilst this might not be a specific-to-winter tip, if you’ve got some warm and happy memories visible around you, it’s sure to induce a smile when you glance at them, and encourage that warm fuzzy feeling.

Throws and cushions

Soft furnishings are an excellent way to make any room feel cosy. Folded throws on the back of your sofa, different sized and textured cushions – adding layers of fabric furnishings can really make a difference in the feeling of the room temperature. And not to mention they’re great for hiding under whilst watching the telly.

So there are our top-tips for giving your home a cosy vibe in the colder months, what are yours? Please let us know we’d love to hear them!