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Moving to a new house is a great opportunity to take stock of your possessions and replace the things you’ve been meaning to do for a while. The humble mattress is one such item, which often falls into this category.

Did you know, most healthy adults need seven to nine hours of sleep a night? The mattress industry generally recommends that mattresses be replaced every 7-10 years, as the aches and pains caused by old or unsupported mattresses can contribute to a reduction in the hours of sleep you get.

Shopping for mattresses online

In recent times, the sales of mattresses from online retailers has taken off! Whilst some people prefer going to a showroom and trying them out, the convenience of being able to order a mattress online from just a few options, only to have it delivered to their door in a neatly packaged box is the winning element. 

Just a few of the online options available include:

Most of these retailers offer a no quibble money back guarantee period for 100 nights, so you can give it a try, and get your money back if you don't find it comfortable. Also the collected mattresses aren't wasted, as where possible they are donated to charity. 

What to look for in a showroom

Buying online definitely isn't for everybody. Some people prefer the choice, and ability to test that a showroom offers!

Give yourself time
It's not enought to have a very quick, self-conscious lie-down to try it before declaring it comfortable enough to purchase, take your time and lie down for about 10 minutes to check that past the initial comfort, your back is happy with the support the mattress is giving you.

Double check the size
Make sure that the mattress you choose, is the right side for your bed frame. European mattress sizes differ slightly to UK standard sizes, so it's well-worth measuring your bed frame before you leave home! 

Mattress types

There are five main mattress types to look out for, and each have different qualities which appeal to different sleepers:

Pocket sprung - this is the most common mattress type, and the one that 'springs' to mind first when mattresses are mentioned. It has a very spring-y feel to it, because of springs sewn into individual pockets. They don't mould to your body, and they don't make you hot. 

Memory foam - is a great choice for those sharing a bed with a partner as it moulds to body shape, and when one person moves the whole mattress doesn't follow suit. However, if you're prone to getting hot at night, memory foam can exacerbate this as it's so soft

Latex - Natural latex is antimicrobial and resistant to mould and dust mites. It's also feels somewhat like memory foam with a bit more bounce. 

Hybrid mattresses - these can be a mix and match of any of the above, so you could have a sprung mattress with a memory foam top layer, for example.

Continuous or open coil - whilst these mattresses are the easiest on the wallet, they often wear out a lot quicker by sagging in the middle. 

TOP TIP: In a showroom, there are often deals to be done reducing the marked price of mattresses. It's always worth asking if that's the best price for the mattress you pick.

So if you are moving house soon, or even just thinking about it, it's worth considering your mattress if you haven't replaced it in a while - what could be better than having the best possible night's sleep in your new home?