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Despite social distancing measures putting a stop to all moves which aren’t deemed essential (see our recent blog post on this), maybe you’ve recently moved into a home which requires a lot of decorating and being confined to the four walls has given you the drive to get stuck in. But when you’re faced with a lot of decorating, knowing where to start can be tough!

Children's bedrooms

Moving house is such a big change for everyone – especially kids. The quicker they can get to some sort of routine and normality, the better. With this in mind, it’s well worth getting their rooms sorted first. Think about the lighting at nighttime, do you need blackout blinds or night lights? The quicker the kids settle, the more sleep they’ll get and by extension… the more sleep you’ll get!

Which spaces do you use most?

There’s no magic way of doing things, but it’s always good to live somewhere for a little while and get the feel of it if you can. If you find that you use the living room most, it’s a good place to start so it’s all sorted and a space for you to chill out away from the mayhem elsewhere in your home which is often part and parcel of decorating. Is the kitchen the hub of your home? Start there. Do you like nothing more than sinking into the bath with a book after a long day? Have a look on Instagram and Pinterest for some tile inspiration.

It’s all about creating a space that you love being in, wherever that may be!


Use your stuff as a starting point

Before you find yourself buried under paint colour charts, mood boards, and a tower of tester pots, have a look at some of the things you bought with you because you love it. Photos, artwork, jewellery you love to display, vases, or anything you may collect and use them as a starting point. It will help remind you of your own taste, which is easy to lose sight of when you’re immersed solely in inspiration created by others.

Start from the bottom...

This is one of those tips that has quite a few caveats. Laying carpets before painting walls isn’t a good idea! However, if you’re finding yourself needing to rip up carpets, lino or laminate flooring it’s a great idea to do this first to see exactly what you’re working with. You never know what you might find underneath that could affect your interior design choices.

If you’ve ever been faced with a big decorating project, how did you tackle it? Give us a like and let us know over on our Facebook page